Level Sequence : animate all parts of a character


I have to anime a character which is composed by several parts, in a blueprint, like this :


To blend animations and create a nice dialog, I need a level sequence, but I understand it need a trigger a static mesh :


So, only the root of my character move… So yes, I can export all parts, rig again etc. But I would like to know if a quicker method exists.

Thanks for your time!

Master pose component to drive everything using just 1 skeleton and animations - made with a DCC or with control rig I guess.

Thanks for responding ! I already Use a Master Pose, but I suppose it’s not compatible with Level Sequence, only root move. And I try to recompose in Blender, but, I don’t know why, the export breaks Skeleton (SK mesh works in UE, I export and import : the arms don’t work anymore…). I’ll try to understand why I can’t export this ressources…