Level Select Variable Type

Hi all

I’m following a tutorial (link with relevant timestamp here): 12 - UE4 Level Select Menu (and my Main Menu) - YouTube

I cannot figure out which Variable Type to use for ‘LevelSelectMainConnection’. Does the current version of UE have a different Variable Type to what the teacher is using in the video?



As the guy in the video says, and later shows, the LevelSelectMainConnection is of the type LevelSelectMenu, the widget class you’re also making in the turorial.

Hey, thanks for the reply on this.

I have created a Widget Blueprint called ‘WBP_LevelSelectMenu’.

When I type into the search bar ‘levelselect’ when selecting my variable type, the only thing that shows are my Widget Blueprints (screenshot below):


Am I supposed to select a Widget Blueprint? I did this originally, but it didn’t have the same results as the Youtube video had. Maybe I’m doing something else wrong.



Yes, If you look at at this timestap you see he creates a widget of the class level select menu, and sets this as the variable.

You could also rightclick the return value and click Promote to Variable if you’re not sure what class it is.

Awesome, thanks heaps mate. That makes sense.

Turns out I was doing something else wrong, but this is very useful knowledge.