Level Score

I am working on one game which is level base scoring system each level character collect some star and on basis he get the final score. The player will get 3 stars if he collect all the ponts, less than some he will get 2 star and minimum collect he will get 1 star. Now I want to show the stars in level widgit as attached image. Each level will be different star like level 1 will be 3 star, level 2 will be 2 star etc. can anyone pls help me how i can achive this or any tutorial regarding this.

Question is not easily explained. But I would suggest you search YouTube for widget tutorials. Point is, just make your own custom widget containing number and three stars, and then you replicate it in the holder widget as many times as you have levels.

thank you for reply.

Hey there @Sandy20683! Welcome back to the community! So one of the best ways to implement a system like this from a high level perspective would be to make the stars a child blueprint of a widget, that you set variables for from wherever you save your level stats, likely taking flags from your game instance.

Thank you