Level Save System commission

Hi everyone, looking for someone who can create a blueprint for a level save system in 4.7.6 that can be easily migrated to my project and easily edited to replace variables to my own level names.


Minimal main menu system for New Game, Continue Game, and Quit Game (using the stock graphic buttons from Unreal 4)

Blueprint system that automatically saves the last level you loaded, so when you exit and reload the game you can continue your progress.

Nothing else needs to be saved, no ammo, currency, or health stats, just the last level you were playing on.

I have been struggling tremendously trying to create a save system but I’m not very adept at solving the logic thus far. In-depth walkthroughs and documentation to implement the system are extremely important to me.

Please PM me or discuss here about pricing, thank you for your time.

i can do that.
but why u want it to be done on 4.7.6 ?
Why not on 4.8.X?

later i will give u free service on porting to ue4 version.

there is a save system in market place. did u try that out?

if yes, then what was the problem with that kit?

Thanks for the fast reply, currently my project does not port to 4.8 successfully and I have already worked on porting my project from 4.4 once, 4.7 meets my needs right now.

I tried the $5 dollar save system on the market place but there was not enough documentation for me to understand how to implement the system to my game. I have asked for more help with no answer.

PM has been sent. Check your inbox.

My goodness. What kind of programmer can ask 200$ for this type of system !!!
Surely that guy knows nothing about ue4.
I can give away it for free if I would have some free time.

Sorry for the late reply to some PMs, I am dealing with health problems, the problem was solved by Stormrage through his community content of a menu system. This commission is now closed and I will give feedback to those who wish for me to test their system.