Level/room visual change as you enter next room/level


I have this idea. Basically it’s like one big level, room straight forward going. As you change room or reach certain checkpoints the room before change’s it’s environment.
For example visually - you are going forward and suddenly you enter next room, but if you look back the room before has changed it’s visuals - started to burn, switched from rain to snow and so on. You can enter the room, but it won’t be the same as you first saw it.
Or if we talk about creative/story side, you could add mirror or window that reflect’s the level before, except it has been visually changed and you sort of are looking into past, except you realise that past has been changed.
Layers of Fear had something similar, where you would go in loops and never get out of the level until you go back, or you go back and the whole room suddenly is getting twisted.
My simple way of doing it would be to just make one big level and create certain checkpoints that change visually/add effects to certain positions in the room, map.
But how do you do it? Create copies of levels and add effecs to the copied ones and place them in the back of the player and add it to the next level that you are about to enter?

I want to make it simple and not use any coding, only blueprints.


U can use sublevels to do that.

Thanks! Will try it out.

I have another question. How do make timed events that happen in level or map? For example in horror game - you have room that’s calm and suddenly things start going south. You walk forward - something changes in the back, something changes in front of you (doors closing etc…). Random moving objects, character crossing the room and so on. Can you achieve it with sequencer and checkpoints? Just want to know the basics before I start, but still confused a bit.
For example this game - From The Darkness on Steam
I know it’s probably similar concept for all horror games, but just the way it feels and how the level, room interacts with player - all the changes and all the visual effects while still being in the same room. It gets really confusing to understand how can you achieve it.
Im more into level design and vibe creating, so if anyone could help out with these event, coding/blueprint basics it would be much appreciated.

the best way to make changes to the level at runtime is by using sublevels.
make a persistent level and put everything that will not change in there like walls or the structure of a building etc… and then make some sublevels of that persistent level and put all of the things that u want to change at run time, then u can easily load and unload those sublevels in blueprints or c++ with a trigger. just make sure the player doesn’t see it happening cuz its gonna look weird.

Thanks again! I don’t have access to unreal engine yet, only been watching tutorials, so that’s why I’m so confused about the same things over and over again.