Level Restart does not give control back to the player

Hello there,

I’m having some problems with my FirstPersonController. It all started when I wanted to introduce a “Level Restart” function in my menu.
Whenever the player presses the Restart button, I wanted to start over.

This is my level restart. It seems to work… however when I start, I can’t really control my player. I can’t move, jump, use the menu button, rotate, etc.

So I started to look into this and I’v read that you need to “Posses” your Pawn or something like this…


  1. How do I regain control over my player after the restart?
  2. Am I doing the restart correctly?

Another problem that I’m having is that… until now I used a PlayerStart. So whenever I was pressing play the FirstPersonCharacter started from that location.
When trying to do that Posses thing I removed the PlayerStart and I added the FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint… and now I have kind of a n00b problem.

I am starting from the new FirstPersonCharacter, but I also get a new FPC in the location where the Camera was in the editor… and basically I can see the weapon.
After some other tests, now I’m always starting at the Editor Camera …

  1. How do I add correctly a FirstPersonCharacter to my scene?
    EDIT: I just went back on adding a “Player Start” to the scene and deleted the FPC. I only wanted to add the FPC to the scene so I can reference it to the Posses.

Thank You

Hey my friend!

About the second problem, please post a new thread.

Your Restart is OK, but I think this is the best method:

After these nodes (or yours), add one of these two “Set Input Mode…”:

With “Remove from Parent” you destroy your UMG Widget and with “Set Input Mode Game Only” or “Set Input Mode Game And UI” you allow Player Controller to respond to your input.

Let me know…

Thanks for the help! I tried with the Set Input Mode Game and UI, but I coudn’t rotate… then I looked at my RESUME function that was just above this… and I have done the restart like this:

Just for reference, this is my Resume function:

Thanks again for the help ! <3

Unfortunately UE4 has some input issues since the early versions…sometimes, after a restart like this or when you load a new level, you need to click to activate other inputs or something like that.

Anyway if you will have other “rotation problems” try to add these nodes after the “Begin Play” of your character BP:

I think these 4 nodes enable everything related to the rotation.

If the problem persists, add these nodes after the “Begin Play” of your character BP:

These 2 console commands

displayall PlayerController ControlRotation

displayall CameraComponent RelativeRotation

show you the values related to the rotation and you can compare the before and the after Restart and, possibly, the difference between these values.

Have a good day/night!