Level reset

You could save an Integer in you CharacterBP after Levelload. Then you specify if you Load a Level or Reset it → if Reset-> Cast to CharacterBP → Get Coins

Not sure how exactly you manage the Level load, but you should check this direction

The RESET button I added to my screen resets everything in the level OK except for my COIN BANK which needs to go back to original count as it was at the beginning of the level instead it stays the same. I have game instance but what command should i set up in my RESET button blueprint to make it remember the original coin count at the beginning of the level once I hit RESET button. If any one could help. Please and Thank you!!!

Ok thank’s for the answer! How ever still not sure how to do these but gonna give it a try right now. I assume there is a option in the integer for level load and level reset.

Also my level load’s trough portal BP. When you collect set amount of coins the portal activates when you walk trough it and then next level opens. Encase these helps in any way.