Level Procedurally Generated only at First Loading of Level

So, I have sifted through tons of articles and videos on the internet to try and find something that would come close to what I need. I’m brand new to Unreal Engine, however, I do have a pretty good understanding of most things and I know C++, I’m just not sure exactly how I need to go about it to come up with what I need. I’m trying to create a survival game and I’m looking to be able to procedurally generate a Terrain only once when you load the world for the first time, saves that configuration and then it stays like that the rest of the time that you play. (No, this is not a Minecraft clone.) I understand that UE4 has World Composition, so that takes care of the character traveling to new sections. I know people have said that an infinitely procedurally generated landscape is impossible in UE4 because the engine just doesn’t run that way and it would be too resource heavy. I want for a player to start in a newly randomly generated world every time that they create a new game so that it’s not the same map they are playing over and over again. If someone could point me in the right direction, that’s really all I need. Thanks.

There is recent a thread around here somewhere that talked about runtime generation of terrain.

The bottom line was that the terrain generation/modification code is part of the editor, So that would have to be moved to the (core) engine side for runtime use.

You could fake precedural terrain by using a bunch of premade pieces and using rotations and what not, But that would be complicated.


I was hoping you weren’t going to say that, but I figured. Thanks for the advice. If you could post the link to the thread that would be great, otherwise I might be spending hours sifting through the forums again, lol.

Here is the thread.
I suppose someone might have/will create a fork where they have moved the code out from the editor, But I don’t think so.
This may have been added to the todo list (trello?), But I don’t know if it is.