Level parameters collections?

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum section for this post.

I’m building a scene in 4.27.1 alongside the director for a project I am on.

In my scene, I have various static meshes with material instances, along with some water elements. Basic stuff.

I want to be able to immediately control some selected parameters for each element (ie. sky sphere brightness, wave settings on my water, water shader parameters, etc). As of now, when I sit down with the director and they ask me to change something, it takes a bit of diving around to change parameters on Water Wave Assets, material instances, and some custom blueprint stuff, all which I think can be simplified if I had all the parameters of these objects on one details panel.

Is there a way I can collate all my most used parameters into one bundle? I come from a Houdini background and in instances like this, I just create a Null node and add my favorite, or most used parameters, and they are automatically linked to the original parameter. This Null acts as the overall scene controller.

I’ve looked into Material Parameter Collections and they seem to be along the right lines of what I need, although I’m confused as to how I can control stuff such as certain parameters on the PostProcessVolume, etc.

Is there something else that can act as a quick UI for this, or would this involve constructing something in my level blueprint?