Level optimization and Precomputed Visibility Volume

I have 2 questions…

1 - is there a recent guide on general “how to” level optimization for UE4? I’m working on a PC game.

2 - what is Precomputed Visibility Volume used for? I’m not seeing it referenced in anything recently and the generic explanation that I found in the docs aren’t helping me much.

thank you!

  1. Here you can find some hints how to improve the performance of your level:
  2. Here is an explanation from the UDK documentation: :slight_smile:

"The primary benefits of precomputed visibility are for mobile platforms which don’t support hardware occlusion queries, and to save rendering thread time in rendering thread bottlenecked scenarios like split screen on consoles. Precomputed visibility decreases rendering thread time in game at the cost of increasing runtime memory and lighting build time somewhat. It saves rendering thread time by reducing the number of primitives that have to be handled by the dynamic occlusion system (hardware occlusion queries) and because it works immediately, while the dynamic occlusion system needs time to converge, which often means poor performance coming around a corner or rotating the view quickly. This technique is only useful for medium sized levels or smaller, as the memory and computation requirements grow with the level size. It is also only useful for games with mostly static environments, restricted player movement and somewhat 2d play areas. "

thank you much!