Level Opening

Okay… NOOBIE here … I get how to Open a Level on Trigger Box to a new level. But what if you wanted to go back to the original level at a different playerstart point? How is that done?

Can it be specified in the Options portion of the Open Level??

I found a thread that’s relevant.

I have seen this and it’s great for what it does. But it is still just moving to the levels only playerstart. I need to be able to move to another spawn point on the original level.

Thanks For The Link though!!!

it’s gonna be hard because by default level open accept few default parameters like game(for gamemode) and name(for client playername).
If you can’t utilize the checkpoint with save level(like spawn invisible, move to check point and then make it visible), you probably have to modify C++ so you can also pass spawnpoint name.
ie.in LevelOpen, expand to enter options string, like spawn=PlayerStart3, will do nothing because stock engine does not understand this parameter.

Use the game state BP to hold values regarding place to start (should maintain over level changes) and have the level BP access the gamestateBP to get the relative value to use. then use player starts as simple location info so level BP might be:

if locationvariable = 0 then spawn pawn at location of playerstartA and if locationvariable = 1 then spawn pawn at playerstartB

this is how I’m using playerstart as basically a location marker in my game

Btw, Nadragul asked for say if you return from LevelB to LevelA, you need to know where you left to respawn.
From your suggestion it seems that he need to keep a big array in gamestate for each level to pull this off.(as LevelA could be a hub level that also goes to LevelC)
I don’t think there is a dictionary type variable yet, so Nadragul need to use 2 array to keep both level name and last spawn/checkpoint used.

In my uber noobeness I do not understand why this is not easy. I mean logically when you move from one level to another level you move from lastknown spot to playstart on the next level, why then could this not be down by naming the playerstart location, I mean they all come with various numbers behind the name so why is not possible to have another node to attach that specifies a specific playerstart?

What I am learning and trying to do is this change to a named playstart on the original (or another level for that matter) level. So for example you have a “maze” level you travel through which is n a mountain; it starts at one point on the main level; you travel through maze (mazelevel) and exit the other side (return to main level) which is on the other side of the mountain.

Maybe I am just too naive but that just seems it would have been built in. I mean look at DC Universe Online thye have this happening