Level offset after moving in World Composition tool

We started to use the world composition tool to try to break up our large city level into smaller chunks for streaming and LOD.

The first problem I came across is that after moving a sub level around into place in the map (World Composition) window the whole level then jumps to a randomly different position. This has happened with a number of different sub levels I tried to place with the world composition tool, and each of them seem to move to a different place in world space.

is there anything happening under the hood that would try to align levels or something? Specifically we have a bunch of “islands” of buildings that do not touch each other and a separate streaming level with the whole ocean in it. Is this problematic for the tool? Do all the sub levels have boundaries that can be snapped together?

Has anyone else had this problem?

Probably that “jumps” is a world origin rebasing. Rebasing may happen when you do certain operations on sublevels (move, show/hide, load/unload). This is useful when you edit very large worlds (>20km). During rebasing relative positions between actors should stay the same, only absolute positions will be changed.
You can disable rebasing in World Settings.

Sorry for raising a necro thread but I am having this exact issue and this is the only thread I could find on the subject, I am using the Ark Dev kit and my entire forest is being shifted out over the ocean. I cannot find anything called rebasing in the world settings, what exactly is it called?

same issue here, and its already disable, any help ?