Level Objects Not Being Deleted From Memory

Hello all,

I have a problem with a blueprint that causes a memory leak in my project. The blueprint is a procedural terrain that generates chunks by adding a chunk object to itself as child actor components in its construction script. The actual workings of the chunks aside, the problem I have noticed is that there have been a steadily increasing amount of objects in my scene (last count at 75,763), which I believe is due to the fact that every time I regenerate, recalculate, delete, replace, or modify the terrain object in any way it is not deleting the previous chunk actors from memory before creating new ones. The problem is that I cannot find these child actor components anywhere in the hierarchy, not to mention the fact that I do not know how to properly delete these child actor components from memory before creating new ones. What’s more, the objects persist from level to level, so I can’t delete overloaded levels and start over. How can I fix this memory leak and stop my editor from freezing up?