Level missing after a unexpected restard

Hi everyone,

Today i was working on my proyect and suddendly my computer restart, i have activated the autosave and i saved manually before the shutdown, like 2 minutes before, when i open unreal again the level i was working were missing and in the Content Browser in Unreal is gone but in my windows explorer its ok.

i have the two main files(i think) and a lot of autosaves and back ups.

I’ve tried everything i´ve seen in this forum but nothing seems to work :frowning:

I was working with the 4.15.1 version and i updated to the 4.15.2 when I saw that my level was gone thinking the update could resolve this issue, i dont think that the problem were that because its a small update and before i did it my level were missing too

I already tried this:

1- Try to import the umap and the uasset----- i get this message “Failed to import…unknown extension ‘umap’”
2- Make a copy of the project and delete the CachedAssetRegistry.bin in Intermediate folder
3- Make a copy of the project and delete the Config, Intermediate and Saved folder
4- Create a new project and put MyLevel.umap and MyLevel_BuildData.uasset in the exact same folder(of the original project in the new one) and try to open it from Unreal

And maybe a couple more things but nothing works

I need help please i´ve been working on this level for hours and i dont want to do it again

Thanks and sorry for my english.

Have you already tried to use the autosave or backup files -> just look for .umap files - copy the latest one - paste it into your map folder (in the content folder) - try to open it :slight_smile:

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I tried and it works, i have my level back but without materials or textures but i dont care :smiley:

if i had blueprints they would have dissapear too?

i will do a backup every time before closing Unreal


Never had the case that a blueprint or any other uasset file has disappeard :wink:
Either always make a copy of your umap file or just regularly save it two times (2 different names) -> then you will be nearly 100% save that it wont disappear again

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Try to rebuild solution in VS and open the UE project from VS.