Level minimum Z level?

I’m playing with the Example_Map in the Blueprint First Person template. I put a hole in the floor with a subtractive brush. When I am playing the game I can step into the hole and fall below all the level’s content. However I only fall for a very short time and then the game stops responding to input.

If I step off the edge of the Minimal_Default map I seem to fall forever without this happening.

I am watching the MyCharacter_xx object when I am falling and it seems to stop when I get to -1024ish in Example_Map. In Minimal_Default map the Z value gets massively negative and keeps on getting lower.

So, is there a bounding box specified for the level somewhere? I have pored through everything I could think of and I can’t find why these two levels work differently. I could just add an invisible barrier or something, but I am very curious to what I am missing here.

I’m a bit of a beginner with UE4 and game-development in general, so excuse the possibly silly question. Thanks!

Well, I found the answer to my own question by accident 9 days later.

In the ‘World Settings’ there is a setting called ‘Kill Z’ that determines the minimum Z level for a level. It has an associated Kill Z Damage Type setting.