Level Merging is Broken

You can no merge 2 levels using the level tool.

  1. Create 2 levels each with an actor in it
  2. Create a third level and using the level window add the 2 other levels to it
  3. Save the third level
  4. Select the 2 sub-levels in the level window and attempt to merge them (Levels->Merge)
  5. You will be asked to name the new merged level, do so and continue

You will find the resulting operation has removed only one of your old levels, and added a new level that does not contain the contents of the the two source ones.

Hey kylawl,

Which version of the engine are you using? Level Merging is no longer a feature after World Browser was taken out of Experimental and turned into World Composition. As of 4.3, moving assets between levels is done directly by selecting the assets (right click on the level or levels and Select Actors) and then move them to the desired level (right click > Move Selected Actors to Level).

Hi Ben,

The option is still available in 4.5 if you do not enable world composition on the map. So it looks like that button needs to be removed.

The work flow you described does work so i’ll do that instead.


/ Kyle

Ah, I see that now. You’re correct, that still exists when World Composition is not enabled, and it isn’t working. I have entered a bug report in our system for the developers to look at (UE-4791).

I’m glad that workflow will work for you, but I will also let you know if they decide to fix this rather than remove the option. Thanks for the report!

Hey kylawl,

Just wanted to give you an update that this issue has been fixed internally, and should be working as expected in 4.7. The developers decided not to remove the button, so you’ll be able to use that method to merge levels again.

Thanks for the update Ben.