Level map in VR

Hi all,

I’m trying to make a lookdown levelmap for my vr-project. I tried to search the forum and google, but its really hard with a searchterm like ‘map’, because of all the map types in 3d-programs.

Can anyone give me a push in the best direction to follow? I’m making a level in VR and i want the player to look down (in VR) to see a map of the level (lookdown effect like in dreadhalls) cea009784e0b2358b1dd4bf364329022fb273913.jpeg

I don’t mind if it is not very fancy, a simple jpeg would make me happy. Then the next question is: is there a way to export a topdown levelscreenshot from my level, so i can edit it in Photoshop (and then place it as a map in my level).

Or do you have other advice on this mather? Maybe a blueprint I dont know of or some nice tricks?

Thanks you very much!