Level map goes empty for no reason!

This is the second time this kind of thing happened to me. I was building architectural visualization. Then my map goes just empty after i closed my engine. I have no idea what happened. As i remember map size was 300mb or so. But now its only 4kb?

im on 4.4.2. There is no warning. Its just empty no contents in scene outliner. Whole scene just surprisingly, magically disappeared. Its like new empty scene. No warnings just empty scene :’(

Hi Gandosh,

What version of the editor are you on? Additionally, does opening your map produce any warnings? Does this occur on a blank project with no additional content? Thank you!

Hi Gandosh,

Do you have your map set up to open on project load or do you have to load your map manually (via file>open project>projectname)?

Do you remember what specific actions you took in the editor while showing your friend UE4?

i opened my project then File>open level>(walk_demo_2.umap)

As i remember i did not modified anything in that level. I was just showing how things works in ue4 to my friends. (i was little bit drunk tho) and i closed my editor and editor asked me to save, i clicked don’t save aand today my level is gone…

well it was just some dynamic lighting and some trees, landscape, material editors etc. Nothing special.

this kind of problem happened before?

I haven’t heard of anything that was similar to this. You said you did not save, do you have the autosave feature turned on?

If this occurs again please post back with the steps taken before the error occurred. With accurate repro steps I may be able to produce this bug on my end. For now I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes.

Yes it turned on. But i didn’t deleted all of my scene… strange…
anyways thank you for your quick reply. I guess i have to start this project again :. From now on im gonna backup my project everday.

okay thank you !

I know this is a very late reply but it might help someone else:
It’s very weird because the same thing happens to me every time I close the editor.
The only way for me to actually display something on the new-looking stage I have to add a map to the stage from the contents, “overview” for example, and then suddenly it’s MY stage that appears.
I just delete that blank starting square after (since it loads my work on top of it) and I can continue to build.
I know I saved my stage since I have auto-save on and the thumbnail displays my furthest work.
But why does it always load hidden without my bookmarks until I load a contents map over it is beyond me?