Level Loading on Package Build Bug?

What would cause a level to load correctly when running from the editor (Play button) but not correctly when a building a package (windows 32bit or 64bit)?

Basically I have a button that changes the “Level” by loading a new level and unloading the old level instantly. But only “part” of the level load. Then switching back to the previous level, only “part” of this level reloads. It is strange and only happens in a package, not the editor Play Preview. Any suggestions on what could cause this? I’m also using a VR Setup.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this issue? I have tested with a non-VR setup and it does the same thing with just a FPS camera and pawn. Any suggestions?

Solved it. An apparent bug in the “Summons Level Detail” option under Levels. Avoiding using it at all cost from now on. Blueprint level streaming only is the way to go.