Level loading and playing when textures are fully loaded

Hi friends (:

Since my game has multiple Game modes with different default spawns and controls, and that all actors are created on the fly, I don t see anyway to use Streaming levels system.

So, actually, when I open a level, it loads and then runs while still streaming memory informations (looks like loading textures to me).

I know I could cheat the engine with a loading hud and delay, but I would like to know if there is a proper way to load EVERYHING before launching the level.

Since its textures streaming only, maybe I should try to load all the materials + textures at the start of the game ?

Thanks (:

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up anyone ?

I myself do not know. our screens are covered by UMG waiting user input that hide the popping of streamed textures. Just as a head up though. Your’re not supposed to bump a post that has not been answered in <4 days. You can post updates to your findings before then but simple bump posts just clog up the system. (just as letting you know)

I’m also interested to learn how to do this. My level loads and plays when textures are not ready yet. Results in showing low quality/blurred textures. Is there like “don’t-play-until-all-assets-are-fully-loaded” node?

Hi everyone,

Is an option that exist in your gameinstance class, if I remember it correctly, that allow you to set an “loading map”.

On this loading map you can place an 2D texture like an image and a text that says it’s loading. (maybe an UMG interface to use spinner, bubble etc…)

But if the loading time is shorter than the time to the loading map to be seen… you will see nothing…

but you can do something with the game state and handle that with the loading map system. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you find something that helped you in my proposition

I am have a level issue with being able to change from one level to another, yet unable to change back. All I use to change levels is a “Open Level” widget. To fix your problem try using a “Set Game Paused” widget. I am not using a HUD and I am doing all this in Blueprints.

Is there an aswer for this yet? :slight_smile:
I’m in v4.22 and this keeps happening.

still would be nice on 5.3

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