Level instance-based maze generator (free and open source)

This level generation is based on level instances instead of actors as the main level rooms. This allows you to use the level editor to edit rooms, instead of having to put up with the Actor editor. It’s made entirely in Blueprint.

I have decided to release it in its current state as my open-source contribution to the Unreal Engine 4 community, maybe together we can make it work better than it does now. It’s one of my oldest projects, if not the oldest, so there is some issues with it:

  1. The spawning algorithm relies on Delay nodes. Heavily. I couldn’t make it work without them for whatever reason.
  2. The algorithm is also inefficient. Sometimes rooms simply don’t spawn, so it goes over the possible locations multiple times.
  3. I didn’t come up with a way to allow level switching. As in, you finish a floor and go to the next one.

There’s also some issues that stem from the sole fact of it being one of my first UE4 endeavours:

  1. Graphs are messy and barely use Macros, Functions and the like
  2. Folder and file structure is garbage

But I sincerely hope, that with the help of our community we can make it work, for our common benefit. It’s this close from being done, after all.
[HR][/HR][FONT=courier new]Link to repo