Level fork or inheritance

Hi, I was wandering if it might be possible to inherit from a base level to make additional modifications to it’s children which still get updated when the main level is modified.
For example; let’s say I have a town and I need to make 3 versions from the same town, one destroyed, one 10 years ago and one the present town. If my art director makes a change to the base layout, I want it to affect the 3 versions by just affecting the master, is there a way to do this?

Thank you.

Ok, so if someone is wandering, Streaming levels seems to be the answer, apparently it can provide a similar functionality.
Still, if anybody knows about another way, it would be interesting to know :slight_smile:
hape this helps

Each level is its own thing though. Making changes to X won’t change Y unless they both use the exact same meshes…

The landscpae paint can easily be ‘instanced’ by just using the same shared assets.
then making changes to one will change the other.
the level geometry however would have to be manually updated.