Level Experience Ramps

My question to everyone is there a way to incorporate a reference to the “LevelExperienceRamps” in a blueprint? The problem i am facing is the fact that it is a static array by default and cannot be placed in a blueprint, on top of that “make”, "break, “set” and “get” for that array does not pull any data from it.

Currently im working on a mod that will fully revamp the entire UI including a much needed status bar remodel, i have every bar created and working except for the experience bar. The only thing im trying to do with it is read the total xp needed to level up and return it as a string or text.

I can pull current xp and max xp… the problem is i cant seem to find a way to pull “xp needed for level”… if at all possible i want to avoid creating a new array because i need the mod to pull any overrides a server may have setup for level ramps so that it is always accurate.

Below is an image of where i am stuck at, the output image always displays 0, i have tried so many different ways to get it to work and i cant think of anything new, if anyone has any insight please let me know and i will see if it works.


Is that a custom array you’re grabbing from? Do a foreach loop on it, and print string for each index to see if anything’s inside.

Its an array variable I created from the “LevelExperienceRamps” static array that is in PrimalGameData_BP, all 97 XP entries for the player level are in it but the entries in the array will not update to reflect any overrides, its just a test array so I can try to get the xp needed to level up, as a text value.

It would be much easier is the base “LevelExperienceRamps” variable was not static and could be used in blueprints.

I’m gonna give your idea a try and see if I can even pull anything out of my array.

Anyone have any ideas at all about how to pull the data from the PrimalGameData_BP > LevelExperienceRamps, i need to find a way to pull from that BP so that when new levels are added, the xp bar in the UI mod im working on will continue to always function