Level editor dilfunction

why wheni opening a level, not all objects are loaded at once, but only from several attempts?
Why does the Editor ignore that I saved everything and breaks the levels as he wants?

well. it seems Epic need to change some programmers

no one wants to have 32GB of the world in memory

i have just 12 objects of lowpoly meshes right now! And this not working!
UE used 1,2GB RAM and crached when i’m trying make sublevel!
it’s schooboy’s code or what???
BTW there is not any support ?
because Undo of Enable World Composition crash Editor

World Composition cannot drawn landscape
it’s seems it’s still Beta

Really? Calling it “schoolboy’s code” and saying they need to change programmers because you don’t understand how it works?

Sounds like you need to read up on how World Composition works
if you insist that this glitch it’s true normal

if you insist that this glitch it’s true normal

From the page I linked earlier.


but TownCenter was unloaded and this big plane was loaded
but World composition show opposite. an what is that odd grass on top?
PS after removing and deleting a level, so many traces remain in other levels that raise doubts about the authors adequacy
i’m afraid nothing about it wrote in your links. lol.
PPS craches, craches in empty levels. on good PC.
I’m afraid it’s just a Beta with RTX

There’s two landscape actors being shown in the world outliner. Neither of them are in the TownCenter level because it is not loaded. You’ve probably just lost track of which levels you put what in. In the “View Options” drop down in the world outliner you can make it only show objects in the current active level. This will help if you’re having trouble keeping track of what you put in which level.

As I already quoted earlier the persistent level doesn’t show in the world composition view. Your landscape is probably in the persistent level which is why it’s not showing. The grass is probably because there’s nothing to show there besides the sky sphere. It just sounds like you need to learn how world composition works and are calling everything that doesn’t makes immediate sense broken…

If you’re saying you delete a level and that level’s objects are showing up in other levels, then that takes me back to the first part of this reply ^

This training stream goes over basic World Composition stuff.