Level Editing school project


Here’s a first block-out. I used a couple of assets I made this summer and snapped them together with a vertex-snap plugin. A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums.
After play testing a couple of levels from other students I’m thinking I’ll start over. Movement is too limited because of confined spaces.

Here are the rough panel designs I’m going with.

Baked my walls and floor.
Have a look.

Here’s the final blockout, it’s basically a larger, movement friendlier version of the previous one.
Made some changes in favor of gameplay as well after playing a few rounds with friends.

Dressing of the level has begun!

Final material for walls, color of light will determine color of wall -> Blue <-> Orange

Nearly finished with the main dressing of the level. Also made an animated material for the teleport portals.

Also made an animated material for the teleport portals.

Looks great so far! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Didn’t expect anyone to comment hehe.

Been thinking about lighting and decided to make a glass ceiling illuminating a large part of the main room. Added some orange and blue pointlights as well. Also got the proximity door to work and tweaked a few things.

Texturing has begun!

Also added some environment buildings and water.

Finished!! Here’s a little movie.
And some screenshots.