Level Editing Map Feature

Hello everyone,
I currently have this idea in mind, where the player is able to set the spawnlocations of minionwaves for his opponent by themselves ingame. For this I thought about some kind of map of the current level that can be opened by each player. It should show the different AI-Spawners locations and should allow the player to move them around, changing not only the position on the widget but also ingame so that the next wave spawns minions on the desired location.

Unfortunately I have no idea on how to achieve this since I am relatively new to the “Blueprint-Side” of Unreal.

Does anyone one know how something like this would be managed? The important part is that the Widget shown on the screen, something like a map (top down), is used for editing the spawnlocations and that it updates the real ones in game.

The game is planned for Multiplayer, just in case it changes some things…

I would really appreciate any help!