Level edit in parallel?

In UE4 , is there any possible way to edit one level in parallel? Like matinee, lighting, level design, they need a lot of time to tune, but must wait for each other.

Not sure what you mean, The only thing you have to wait on is building lighting, which makes sense because it takes a while and if you change something then it would have to rebuild again.

In one level, i want to edit the level blueprint or matinee, and someone may be place static mesh or landscape into the level at the same time. The result is …we get a conflict, if i take a week to edit the blueprint , and that guy must wait until i finish my work! i think this is not a effective way. So i want to know is it possible for us to work in parallel, do not need to wait for the others?

I honestly have not looked into this feature in UE4 to see if it still exists, was replaced with something better, or removed.

The feature in UE3 was known as (Sub-Levels)
Each aspect of the level construct needs to have its own “layer” (i.e. - sub_Level).
(Example): MainLevel.udk, Lighting.udk, Matinee.udk, Static.udk, etc.
MainLevel.udk was the parent level with the other udk files being “children” that were loaded via kismet. This allowed the ability for artists, animation, vfx, tech, etc., to all check out and modify sub-“layers” of a single level without stepping on each others toes.

However, it would be nice if there was a live network that could be set up in which modifications could take place in realtime. (Not sure if this is a feature that is being considered though).


Yes, i really need this feature in UE4:o.
I just found someting in UE4. “Levels” editor, under “Window” menu, seems like Sub-Levels, i’m not sure about this and dont know how to use it.

I could be wrong but I seem to recall the tower defense example appears to have various level parts made as separate maps, could someone confirm this? Also, there is map layers in UE4 but I couldn’t confirm if they are individual files that could be worked on simultaneously.


Thanks! I’ll look into it.