Level designers needed for indie cyberpunk mmo


We are looking for some level designers to help us flesh out our worlds and create new ones, this is a remote position and paid by the hour.

Mankind Reborn is a cyberpunk MMORPG that is entirely player-driven, 8 factions fight for control of the galaxy in a single persistent universe, skill-based real-time combat, full-loot drops on death, player-based economy, faction & government politics, the game is heavily influenced by old school sci-fi MMORPGs like Face of Mankind, Neocron, Star Wars Galaxies, etc.

It’s currently in pre-alpha and already playable, we have a huge community and a consistent small playerbase and looking to hit alpha by the end of the year or Q1 2021. By then we’ll be looking at additional funding to scale the team further.




  • Intermediate-skilled level designers (You just need to build levels with the given assets), mainly last year college students or uprising level designers looking to get a solid game on their portfolio, pay will be $15/h due to limited budget.


  • 2+ years of experience with Unreal Engine 4, must understand most level design tools and workflows, things like applying LODs, building landscapes, modifying collisions, etc.
  • Must be proficient in English, both verbally and written.
  • Must have basic knowledge of materials.
  • Must be familiar with Allar’s UE4 style guide
  • Must have worked on previous projects before.
  • Passionate about your craft and always wanting to improve.
  • A consistent and meticulous worker, obsessed over the smallest details.
  • A love for sci-fi and enjoying the process of building worlds and a universe that a hardcore and passionate community will be living in.
  • Must have a portfolio, please.
  • Chilled and laidback attitude.

If you’re a skilled, auto-didactic level designer who’s wanting to break into the industry, send me an email to [EMAIL=“”] with your portfolio, and let’s chat.

Hi, my name is ISAAC 'I am 11.5 years old. I know that I am a child, but I do a very good job, I start blender 5 months ago I want to earn money for my dreams buy material and everything even if you do not give me a lot of buget (even 10 dollars an hour) I just want to show my talent to people.
thank you for your understanding.
my email:

Hi there,

Still looking, send me an email to [EMAIL=“”] with your portfolio, and let’s chat.

It might help those looking for something to do if they knew what specifically you’re asking. What kind of “level design” are you looking for? That can mean many things.

Modeling props? Modeling buildings? Texturing the same?

Laying out levels and zones for gameplay purposes? Sight lines, choke points, back doors and the like?

Set decoration? Lighting design? Level-based missions and quests? Scripting NPCs in the levels?

FWIW, I know of no-one who can do ALL of these things well at the same time.

Just creating and/or modifying existing levels by placing assets down, already have the assets, just need people to build stuff with them.

Are you still looking for someone?