Level designer wanted.

Hello all,

I am a new to ue4 developer, I am working on a free project, and in need of some help in the realm of developing arenas.

The game is a physics based sports type game much like rocket league Cept a first/third person shooter game.

I need interesting looking symmetric playing fields. The goals will vary and take shape in personalizing the game balancing mechanics.

  1. Goals that are large holes on either side of the field.
  2. Standard goals like in soccer/hockey.
  3. Floating target and or moving targets.

The objective of the mechanics I’ve created are simple; as a player you have a cone based at to which you can kick a ball which teams are trying to cause it to enter the goal.

The ball will kill any player it touches though you have a limited shield that you can activate to block the ball.

Players per team focus is on highly mobile characters from 2-4 per team.

Arenas are made to be built so the ball cannot leave the space.

Areas can be designed so players can be pushed into hazards such as walls that will kill the player etc.

Balancing mechanics to be used such as volumes to prevent players from using thier kick or shield such as inside goals.

Gibball is intended to be an arcade, fast passed “sport” that plays like a mix of dodgeball, soccer, and hockey in a deadly robot future envoirment.

If you are interested drop me an email: questions@gmail.com

I’d like to see some examples.

Older to newest test footage of the game in action.

Questions@gibball.com gg autocorrect?

Multiplayer and physics? If so you should first make some playable prototype, doing levels now for game that you have no movement yet is bit counterproductive. Multiplayer does not really want to cooperate with physics, until you solve those problems you will never know how gameplay will look. You also want to have traps and some hazard zones, this again requires at least some movement implemented, else scale of jump ledges or corridors is unknown to level designer. At this stage of game all that level artist can do is making concept are and assets for level. And if you keep members of team without much fun tasks to do they get bored and will quit.