Level Designer research and blueprint or c ++ developer


I am making a game under Unreal Engine and looking for collaborators to take part in the project and become co-author to make a deliverable on OS (Windows / Linux and consoles …)

Alone, I need help to complete this project, and now I need to build a team, a team! who will be able and will have to express themselves artistically in the field of Space Sci-fi and low photorealistic cyberpunk, to take the players into a Universe which can be compared in substance to FF the creatures of the spirit.
Clearly, the content and the artistic side will take precedence over profitability.

Currently in cash I have invested 2K euros and capitalized 16K euros, the targeted business model covers 700k euros for 10% of the French population in the clear if the project progresses there will be no problem to raise a fund of 50 -100 K to initiate professionalization.
But without you! and your help I can’t :wink:

Here is the trailler:

If you have a few hours available per week, whether you are self-taught or pro, contact me, and we will work via gitLab and the source control in agile step by step and everything will go to the end to deliver the project in +/- one year; - )
Whether you have 1 hour or 10 hours, whether you are self-taught, student or pro, welcome!

cout<< "Game Under building<<endl;

While ( Project != Finish){

For ( auto Pr: Issues_GitLab){

Pr->State = Solve_Issue;



Cout<< "Game finish<<endl;