Level Designer Needed - Our Ghosts of War

Hello Unrealers,

Our Ghosts of War is seeking for a level designer to work on WW2 era open world multiplayer maps. The game is a WW2 survival in first person view taking place in a WW2 Normandy setting.

Due to the sheer amount of applications please consider reading this before applying:

-Excellent understanding of level design basics, techniques and process (Whitebox, Iterate, Artpass, etc.)
-More than excellent understanding of player leading, pacing, balancing
-Far more than excellent sense of scale/distance.

-Online portfolio showing previous work.
-Your hourly rate.

Pixel Perfect Polygons

Which address to send the applications to?

Hello JZAcH,

You can directly PM me.


Thanks @Maximum-Dev

Sent you a PM.


We’re still looking for a level designer.
If your work style matches our art directions please PM you application.
Here’s how our game world looks like.

Are you currently still looking for a Level Designer? Do you have an application or a website?


Position is no longer available, for now.