Level designer needed for upcoming horror game aiming at Steam Frontpage

Super brief description: An interesting horror game inspired by Isla de las Muñecas built in Unreal Engine 4.


We don’t want the game to be too open, where the player has to find the story. Dear Esther did this and it played like you were reading Moby ****. Plot has to be self presenting but in a way that doesn’t make it feel narrative and scripted. The player has to think that they are in control of what they do, so that when they suddenly have zero control of their situation, panic ensues and thus we accomplish what we set out to do: scare the player silly.
SOMA didn’t change gameplay factors from the standard run and don’t get caught, but the art and story were so well done that it didn’t matter, as it brought it’s own level of scary to the game. Actually, the lack of gameplay made it feel like you had less control of the game, adding onto the fear as you are left helpless to the mercy of the story.
The player assumes the role of a character for a period of time until the story kills them off in some way. Each time the player changes, so does the time period. The environment would reflect this with new growth or deteriorated structures. The Sequence of tales would be non-chronological, and clues and plot details would connect one story to another across time, all tying up in the end with the final story.
5 stories in total, possibility to add more after the initial 5
A few puzzles to elongate the game / delay the player at certain points. Nothing overly complex, more like objectives with obstacles. If you have a really cool idea that’s fitting, give it a shot.

Team Name: Helios Games

Team Structure:

Wannes Vanoyenbrugge (Project Creator) - Project Management, Gameplay programmer

Jorn Segers (Project Creator) - Project Management, Gameplay programmer

Jedi Roman (Project Creator) - Project Management, 2D artist

2 Music composers

5 voice actors (way more coming soon when we really need them)

4 writers

2 concept artists

10 3D modellers

5 animators

Previous Work: Quantum Engine - something small built by the founders earlier on, just a proof that we have experience with Steam and know how the game industry works. We know what we are doing. (

[Rev-Share] If you’re interested, please have some sort of portfolio or previous work ready to show us, and thank you for your time.

Hi, you can look here

Hi, im very interested in this, my portfolio is
Hope to hear back soon

Hello i am interested in joining the game creation i am learning 3D modeling and i am a decent artist (into weird creepy drawing) im not too good at landscape art but if you are thinking of implementing any creatures i would be happy to help with concept art
I am also happy to do some voice acting if needed too (both human and creature [not scared to destroy my vocal chords to do a voice/noise for person/creature])
If you or anyone is interested my email is:****
(I’ve added one of my drawings)
If interested please email me i’m happy to help with anyone who needs art done (mainly horror but can do semi-futuristic weaponry and so on)