Level designer needed for existing project - Extinction Event Nanite Apocalypse

Late into the development of this concept life took a turn and the team splintered. This a futuristic zombie apocalypse concept with some very unique ideas. I am a published sci-fi author and the concept for this game stemmed from a book outline I never used and my contribution to another more lucrative Zombie MMO which fell on deaf ears.
What we have - most of our systems built from the ground up or altered from commissioned projects. We have dozens of undead characters. We have characters that fit the theme. We have animals. All of our Character, Undead and animals have been rigged and are ready for use with little adjustment. We have a large open world with diverse terrain (mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes) . We have dozens of Marketplace packs and custom meshes for the environmental and societal aspects of the game. We have a full and mature concept.

We have large landscape, some of it forested, some with unfinished lakes and rivers. Still, there are areas that need to be sculpted to suit populations and other areas which need to be carved out for survivor settlements. We need roads/paths placed connecting key points. Essentially we need someone who can create a ruggedly beautiful environment that has partially encroached on what was society while being mindful of resource use. Any meshes lost by our previous level designers departure will be repurchased or, if need be, remade. We have quite a bit.

Please know, this project does not have large budget but I’ll do what is reasonable to see what we’ve accomplished not go to waste and to bring this project to market.

You can reach me at [EMAIL=“”] or make contact through Discord.