Level designer looking for work

Greetings! i’m martin a noob level designer looking for some work on level design.

im fairly new to this (been doing it for about 3 years on UE4),
I do better with pre made models/blueprints/textures and other things.
I do still have some learning to do.
What i can and can’t do on UE4:

Can’t make textures for worlds.
Can’t make blueprints.
Can’t do lighting (still working on it as show in photos bellow).
Can Sculpt a world (not tried with concept art just free hand atm).
Can paint textures to a world.
Can make buildings with few assets (also in photos bellow).
Can’t make a skybox (still working on that).
Can use particles for level design.
Can use decal.
Can make things look “natural” (kinda).
Can’t place audio (i’m 50% almost done working on that).
Can’t do clouds/fog (still learning).
Can’t do a dust/snow layer to levels.
Can place foliage.
Can do water (still learning waterfalls and rivers though).

(Sadly it’s a link)
Everything in i used was free to use so i don’t own any of them.
i put this together to show what i can make with what is supplied to me.