level designer in the Unreal Engine

level designer in the Unreal Engine.

make a small scene (first person) in the UE 4. I have refs, prototype, and 3D models.


  1. direct artist;
  2. knowledge required for optimization level (grid, Lod’s, instances of materials, etc.).;
  3. work performed in the field.;

please send me a letter with your portfolio. discussion of problems with the candidate with the subsequent Design Document formation.

Hey there, just wondering what the art style for this level design is…realistic or toon? A bit more info would be great. Thanks!

Hi, Ironbelly. It’s realistic style. Location is the real place. There are many bugs on the scene - bad optimization for seamless world one of them. This scene not complete - need material on the buildings. I think need to significant cut the scene for first step. then resolve optimization problem, put materials and some ready to use models.

project - fps survival in city after war.