Level designer for vertical slice demo.

Project Title:
TableTopGames (temporary title)

first person co-op game. open world (level streaming). we will need three levels created: a medium sized village, a forest ruin, and a dungeon for player exploration.
Assets will be provided.

Team Name:

24 hours of work at a rate of $25 (USD) per hour.
Perforce is our versioning software.


additional information will be provided via Email

Just a heads up that for a vertical slice the amount of work needed for just one of those levels will likely be many times greater than your hour budget for all 3. Even for greyboxing out all 3 levels I am not sure that 24 hours would be sufficient, depending on the size of the village/dungeon and what’s contained within

Speaking of which, what is the scope of work for the designer… Is it just to do a clutter pass or are you looking for lighting, materials, terrain work, post processing and potential environmental VFX?


Thank you for your inquiry, all we are looking for is a basic layout of the village, ruin, and dungeon. We do not need anything more than basic lighting and a framework to build off.

Are you guys in need of a sound designer to contract out?