Level Designer for Create Map Height 5km x 8.5


I’m looking for Level Designer that can create map heights only no texture for a project of mine the map overall size is 5km x 8.5km which divided into two parts:

  1. Part One has Cliffs which rises 320 meters ( 1049.87 feet ) above the sea surface.
  2. Part Two will start lower than part one has Cliffs which rises 160 meters (524.934 feet) above the sea than it will decrease it height until it reach the Black line which has the same height as the sea surface.

There some other details explain how each part will look like which contain mountains, rivers place and cave system so if you feel that you can handle this job and have free time to do it feel free to contact me through private messages or by email with a subject of Map Height Level Designer also don’t forget to provide your profile link.

Best Regards,
Fahad S. Aldafer

email sent