Level Designer for a Physics-Based Multiplayer Beautiful Nature Game

Dear Community,

I am looking for an experienced UE4 level designer who is excited about a game that is a blend of** Sci Fi and Fantasy**, where the focus will be on Natural Beauty (think Skyrim) and also mixing in some rigid elements like buildings. The game has a large focus on physics which will make level design a fun and creatively exciting endeavor.

I have several Level kits already made for the game and am interested in more if you are also a modeller.

I am particularly interested in anyone who is wishing to tackle creating interesting structures that are partly interior and are used in a game that has a focus on Dynamic lighting as opposed to static/baked lighting (light mass)

I am looking for someone who understand UE4 very well and can work with the latest (4.19) features to maximize the Beauty of the game environments.

This is a position that I would like to start as hourly and in terms of number of hours could go all the way up to full time if we have a great synergy.

This is fully paid work.



PS: Please PM me if interested :slight_smile:

Please note also that this is a full time position, and I am interested mainly in folks who have full time or nearly full time availability and experience in the latest features of Unreal Engine.



Sent you a PM ^^

Hey Rama, just dropping a note here to check if you’re still looking for anyone? I’ll be available nearly full-time starting next month, and this sounds like it’d be right up my alley. If this offer is still up I’d love to have a chat!