Level Designer/environment artist

Level Designer/Environment Artist

Innovative imaginations is looking for a talented level designer. Your role would be to communicate with the project lead on stage(s). Must have knowledge in content creation, texturing, blueprint, working with other assets, weather effects, post effects, and lighting. You’ll be setting up a scene from concepts and references.


Use design concepts and in-house assets to create fully fleshed out environments

Setup the level(s)layouts, lighting, blueprints and etc. Regarding the environments art.

Setup environments for gameplay layout with weather effect, post effects, and etc.

Utilize UE and other 3D modeling software for creating and texturing ( if needed) other assets.


Experience working in and creating landscapes for the Unreal Engine

Completed outdoor and indoor environments/levels and a portfolio showcasing your work

Great communication and can give and receive ideas with ease

A understanding on draw calls, LODS, and other areas of optimization

The ability to work remotely

Passionate about your work and dedicated to uplifting the art of the game project(s)

Landscape production in World Machine or similar software is a bonus, but not required.

Experience creating custom assets, materials, shaders, textures and etc.

Apply here:

Hi Jay1ne. :slight_smile: I wrote you an application by email. Thanks! :slight_smile: