Level designer and or modeler for exploration puzzle horror game

We are a small team (2 primary members, with a lead programmer/scripter, and lead artist (models/textures/level design and music/sfx), with a track record of a mildly (in our view) successful horror game release (steam/etc), as well as other game projects that have had traction. We have been in the early design and prototyping stage for awhile on our follow up project. The game will have a strong focus on its story, environment, puzzles and enemy avoidance. We can provide an overview document after making contact with a potential candidate.

We are looking for a level designer and/or 3d modeler to join the team at this early stage and help build our game. We are flexible with how the level designer builds levels, with anything from importing full levels from maya/max/etc. to bsp brush based creation. We are planning to leverage pre-made assets where there are good fits, but will be custom modeling some assets as well. We are offering profit share commensurate with contribution. If you are interested please contact me, we will want an experience doc/resume, screenshots of relevant work, and some background on why you would like to join the project/team. We estimate this project will be in development for another year. The development speed is consistent, but not overly aggressive, and we are happy with someone that can contribute a few hours + a week.

Here is our previous project. We were happy with the product, but have many ideas on how to make this one better, not the least of which is switching to unreal : ’ ):

Looking forward to talking more with any interested candidates.

Hello, I am interested in possibly joining the team, would you mind adding my discord so we may further speak? blahberrys#8545

Are you still looking for contributors?