Level Designer/3D artist

David Griffin

Skillset - Blueprint scripter (1+ years
Level Designer (2+ years)
3D Artist 1+ years (small props/texturing)

Previous Work
2 game jams - Was Director and level/designer on both on team of 5
Indie Project ( Project Abigail ) spent almost two years on it. Team went separate ways. Did blueprinting, level design, and design lead


Here through pm
Discord nSane0587
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Unreal Engine

I’m very interested in working on a horror game just a heads up. That’s my preferred project type but I’m open to all.
Additional Info
US Based (Central Time Zone)
Will Accept paypal for paid jobs
Remote Only unless project is Kansas City based
only available a few hours a day as I have a full time job
English only
All of my design work so far has had no concept art. I’ve designed my levels from pure inspiration to block out.
I may lack a ton of experience or not be an expert, but I want to learn so.