Level Design?

Evening everyone!

Looking for some training on how to improve my skills as a level designer. Video tutorials preferred.

Needs to be theory-heavy, so nothing centered on a specific engine (Unity, UDK, CE…). Simply want to hear from others on what goes where and why. Scifi, medieval, modern, etc. Anything and everything is accepted.

Did some forum and youtube searches, nothing quite caught my eye.

Any ideas?


I recommend you this site here: There you can find some pretty good information about level design :slight_smile:

How could I missed that? Thanks!

Also take a look at this video. In my opinion it is pretty interesting when you want to create a medieval map: ?v=XAbHmE73p7o

WOLD is by far the best website Ive ever found thats dedicated specifically to level designing, if your looking for layouts and scenes Id take a peak at pollycounts forum, they usually have some very nice looking levels.

I didn’t know that site. Thanks, looks very interesting!

Hi Insane Goblin,

There are some real gems out there and as others have said “World of Level Design” is one of those.

On Gamasutra a couple of years back, I was even lucky enough to catch his presentation at ECGC here in Raleigh, NC, Christopher Totten has a theory heavy level design article. It’s titled “Designing Better Levels Through Human Survival Instincts.”](://www.gamasutra/view/feature/6411/designing_better_levels_through_.php) This article is well worth the read in my opinion.

Also, be sure to check out some information on Level Design in our documentation section (Link Here)

The level showcased here is our Mobile Temple Level and you can access this by opening “Content Examples”>selecting the map “Leveldesign_Workflow.” This layout will allow you to walk through all the different passes Epic does when building levels and seeing if they work or need adjustment.

The accompanying video from our Senior Designer Jim Brown will walk you through the process offering a little more insight! (Link Here)](?v=XDsJOFyxMnw&list=PLZlv_N0_O1gaCL2XjKluO7N2Pmmw9pvhE&index=33)

Hopefully this will point you in a good direction!


Well when dealing with theory I’ve always found it best to source from the real world counter part.

Theory and design are apposing counter parts that plays against one another that produces the desired result base on intent so I found the best place to start is the root of where the theory originates from.

Here is a good start.


It does not take much imagination to see how these principles and theories can be applied to design as to the intent of players running around shooing guns at one another.

As a rule of thumb if I need a bit more than just what button to push I generally go to the source.

If you’re looking for something that covers the overall theory of game design in general, try: ://www.amazon/Theory-Game-Design-Raph-Koster/dp/1449363210/

Thank you all for your suggestions, I will thoroughly read everything!

World of level design looks very good. I am going to check it out as I need to improve my level design skill also. I keep starting projects and scrapping them.

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I recommend you this site here: ://worldofleveldesign/ There you can find some pretty good information about level design

The guy who runs this site is really awesome. I ordered some level design courses from him awhile back, and they were very good. If you have issues, he will answer your emails super quick.

Lol I feel you. I cant tell you how many things Ive started and not finished. But hey, I wouldnt worry too much, just have fun with it. If you start 15 projects and havent finished them, thats still 15 projects you had the initiative to start in the first place.

I can’t recommend PixelProspector enough…great site…almost has too much…I almost never get to the game making portion cause I’m too busy learning…anyways hope you find something useful here…