Level design?

I want to create my world before starting off to create the physics of the game, I.E design villages, camps, city’s?

Just wondering what software would be best to use?

Get it all done in UE4 or use something like WorldMachine? The only tuts I’ve seen for WM are those of creating Rocky Mountains, but I would need a flat space for villages and cities to work?

Please give me some advice!!

Luke :slight_smile:

You need:

-a 3d program (3ds max, blender,…)
-a texture program (photoshop gimp)
-when you need realistic landscapes you should use world machine (it’s also possible with the included landscape tool)
-when you need a fast way to create vegetation → speedtree :slight_smile:

Hi, is there anyway of showing me how and where to start?


I’d start with world machine as well, once you get comfortable in that software you can make some really cool landscapes! If you’re looking for a lot of flat areas but still a realistic mountain terrain, look at WM’s terracing options. Just because it looks like a “rocky mountain” inside of WM doesn’t mean that’s how it has to be in UE4 when you import it :wink: I took a simple mountain and made an isand out of it :slight_smile: You can do things like that, or make 2 mountains in WM on a huge tiled landscape and now you have 2 continents. Hope this helps some.

I personally would recommend you to start with a 3d program (when you post which program you want to use I can post you a good starter tutorial), because it will be the most difficult to learn. So create your needed meshes and after you did that, learn how to create materials in the UE4:

Then you can start with the landscape part → world machine,… :slight_smile: