Level design scenario - Ocean and Islands

Hey everyone,

I’ll be the first to say that yes, I am a beginner. However, looking at the content here, there’s a lot of tutorials on how to do level design and terrain editing. I don’t want to trivialize that in any way, as I’m working through that content to better understand how to do it within the Unreal engine. I’ve also got some extensive development experience, writing code in C++, C#, and other languages, so game development is very interesting to me as well.

My question is more of planning and approach. I’ve been kicking around this idea of developing levels that simulate an undersea experience, as well as a “surface” experience - something that a player would experience in say - a submarine simulation. The maps would obviously be quite expansive, to allow for multiple players to compete in team-based battle.

From an approach perspective, this is obviously a huge project - and not one I’ll be taking on alone. However, what I’m looking for are some of the experiences and lessons learned from those of you who have participated in similar projects in the past. What works or doesn’t work? What steps do you take to start? Which kinds of people, personalities, abilities, and principles work well in constructing a team for such a project? At what point do you look for funding and how does one go about that?

If you know of any blogs or content I can read up on, from a project perspective, please feel free to link them below. If you’ve never participated in such projects, please refrain from posting - its not that your voice doesn’t matter. Rather, I’m looking for sage advice from those who have that might benefit a potential project team that I would put together.