Level design question

I have created a level that I want to be persistence on the server so that when new players join the game they start on this level and can interact with each other but from this level I want the ability for the player to choose to play a different level (storyline/PVP etc)
I have created a menu and I am using Open Level to move the player to the new map but when this happens it moves the whole game from the “Home Station” level to the new game level on the server and then all the players that were in the “Home Station” level get moved into the new level also.

How do I keep the “Home Station” level persistent on the server so that players can leave and rejoin “Home Station”

Also any advice on how to structure this sort of level game play?



Make the home level the persistent level and then add levels via level streaming.

Thanks Frankie
I have a slight issue, I am following a tutorial about level streaming but in the tutorial when you add your level it shows it at the same level as the persistence level in the levels window but mine makes the new level a child of the persistence level??
I then have to make it non visible otherwise it just loads them both up in the editor over the top of each other???
I then try to use an OnActorBeginOverlap function calling the level and it loads both of them on top of each other ???

Any ideas?

Keep in mind I don’t know the full scope of your project.

Take everything in the Persistent level and place it all into a streaming level and make it the active level on start up.