Level Design Question

We have a rather large map in which Level Streaming was used for each town and city, to reduce resource use and make working on it easier. While we have a number of locations built up, roads, ocean, foliage, the primary level has reached 1.2gb - manageable but I can see it doubling or perhaps tripling before it is where we need it.

My question: using the default generic map (png) is there a way to segment it into 4 to 6 large chunks and use streaming to join them, thereby giving us the ability to turn on or off 75% of the map to reduce resource use? If so, can this method be done with the populated map (umap) or is it best to use a generic landscape (png)?

At present this is a curiosity. I’d just like to know if there is a solution, and how to implement it if this becomes a problem later.

I believe you can copy and paste between levels. So just create your smaller chunks and copy and paste applicable stuff. Organizing stuff in folders at map level is a great way to make it faster - put everything that should go in your new level 1 in folder level 1, copy and paste folder to new level, profit!

Thanks. Dividing the initial PNG file was something I was considering (easiest way I could see) but I wanted to ensure there wasn’t a UE tool specifically made for doing this.