Level design optimization along with proper lighting

Threw in Ultra Dynamic Sky, made a quick scene and threw in a bunch of trees. Getting around 15 fps standing inside my forest here.

How did games like DayZ optimize their game so I always ran at a constant 60 fps but now inside my little forest here I’m only getting 15 fps.

Also the lighting is very terrible, I’m trying to work that out.

Proper LOD’s (level of detail) for starters can help tons. As can using instanced geometry. I don’t know what effects Ultra Dynamic Sky adds but that could be causing a performance impact also. What kind of performance do you get with UDS and without UDS, but with everything else the same? What about without the trees vs. with trees? Also use the built in tools to narrow down what is causing the performance hit.

Here is the documentation link for performance and profiling:

Overdraw is a major performance killer… lots of overlapping transparent geometry like leaves. Best to spread it out some. Also do make sure your actually using the foliage tool… and not just placing tree models… otherwise your draw calls will go through the roof.