Level design, help needed!

Hi, I’m currently trying to learn UE4 by building a small game. I wanted to start by making a level, but it’s surprisingly hard to come up with a good design :smiley:

Basically I want my lvl to have 2 castles(with interiors) and a wall+gate and neutral grounds between them, where the player(s) will fight. My first impression is that I should make half of that neutral grounds and mirror it (so that neither player will have advantages) and then add castle areas on both sides? Is this the right way to go with it? What should I take in to an account when I start to plan a level like this? Thanks in advance!

You might actually want to look at some unreal tournament capture the flag or similar designs to get some inspiration :slight_smile:

Here is a good place to ask map design questions.


As an opinion mirrored maps is so 1999 and non-symmetrical maps are becoming a lot more common. The most common technique is pathway equalization where it takes a player X amount of time to move from point A to point B on both sides.

Ya, that actually sounds much more better! Symmetrical maps often get so boring…

Are there tools for pathway equalization? Quick googling didn’t give any results :confused:

Well there are not any tools available directly as it’s a design concept that you can only figure out through discovery so more than a single tool making use of tools already available for design in general is worth looking into as to iterations.

Blender for example is coming along nicely as a valuable secondary tool in helping to feather out and polish the map lay out.

Overall though level design is one of those things that stands on it’s own as far as development goes and has it’s own ideology as to what makes for an environment that others will be willing to play in so the link I posted would be a valuable resource as to asking “here is what I plan what do you think?”.

Personally I don’t put to much effort in over thinking what would or would not be an “unfair” advantage as players will always find something that they feel gives them the advantage. Your job is to not make it so obvious that players will switch side in the middle of a match.

As an example though on non-symmetrical design it does not get any better than this.


Superman is a CTF map made by Willy Duck that uses vertical game play instead of traditional horizontal play. One would think that players with the high ground would win but in fact its the team with players who know how to use the map that usually wins.

Ya, that’s quite true… I will only have one map though, bit like LoL, dota, etc. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to be very careful how to construct it :stuck_out_tongue: I pretty much know what I want to make, but I’m asking these questions because I’m completely new to map making and am bit worried I might be missing important things I should take in to a consideration.

Yeah sure ask away.

By the way I forgot we also host a map design and modeling subform on our own site.

Since my game will be 1 vs 1, slowpaced fps game with 2 mages throwing spells at each others, enviroment will be huge part or the strategic play. I feel like non symmetric map might easily favor the other side (higher ground, more convenient obstacle etc). Not really sure where the question is here, but I guess I’m looking for reassurance, that I could make it work :smiley: