Level design: From scratch

Welcome everyone to this thread.
I am making a small DM level from scratch in Unreal. This is used as a progression Thread so you can follow it around as i make the level.
Feel free to leave comments on my work since i can use some experience.

I already started with the first blockout of my level, as you see it is kind of small but it has everything it needs.

Next time i will upload some ideas and references for the basic panels in my level.

Looks like an interesting battle space, is it conceptually the side of a cliff or mountain because that would be an excellent backdrop. Good job so far.

Thank you very much, a cliff would indeed be an ideal setting.

Hi there,

Back again with some screenshot from my final blockout. For now on i am going to focus on the panels and textures.
It will be a scifi environment in the theme of a mountain side called ‘radioactive’.

Upcoming next will be the basic wall and floor panels for the level.
Any feedback welcome!

thanks :slight_smile:

Big update: meshes and panels

Hi there, finally back with an update of the map RadioActive.

After spending a noticable time on deciding which way to go with the map, i created some meshes and panels.
I am working towards a Scifi, radioactive mountainside theme.
I also made some minor changes to the blockout.

More updates coming soon,

Placing more meshes in the map


Here with a quick update. I Placed some more meshes on different places in the map.
Any feedback is very welcome!

Could you insert these images in-line? Would help lazy people like myself to view them, it’s a bit of a pain to have to click them all.

So far I think you’ve got the blockout done well, but it always pays dividends to playtest your map before you go in detailing it too far. With that said, and since all we have here are pictures, I like that you’ve put in the simple large shapes first, it’s already having a recognizable look and feel.

I think you could take advantage of some of the shapes in the map and put in some impressive lighting. I think a big part of level design and the way a map plays is how you use the lighting not only to sell the mood, but to direct the players attention. Avenues of approach, leading player movement, and contrasting lights all play a part in that process.

Keep it up! It’s looking quite nice :wink:

Meshes and basic lighting update

Hi again,

I putted some more meshes into the map as well as basic lighting.
Here is the result:

This room is still empty, but i’m thinking to place a control panel somewhere in the middle to fill up the space nicely.

Besides this i’ve been working on floor and wall panels and a basic trim texture for most of my meshes.




Up next will be texturing and improving what i already have.
Thank you so much for the feedback, i will spend enough time thinking about lighting. It is indeed an important part of the level, as not the most important.

Are you sure, you’re in the correct forums ? because looks like a map for Unreal Tournament 4

what game are you making this level for? the gamefeatures (e.g. weapons) and specs (e.g. jumping distances) and player numbers (e.g. 2vs2 or 16 vs. 16 ?) will influence the basic layout of the map massively. so dont waste time on lightning and static meshes yet, when you dont have tested the gameplay yet. you might have to re-do the basics and all after that if you dont test this out in advance.