[Level Design] - Export asset placement from level to level?


I was wondering if it was possible to share some layers of a level to another level.
We got 2 artists that are working on one level (one doing lighting, shading of main layout - one doing debris, decals and details without lighting).
Both asset library are the same.
I wanted to be able to “export” or “share” the work from the decals artist with the final level of the lighting artist.


You can always copy and paste

right clic on the object then clic migrate and choose your path

Hi Thank you for reply.

Migrate won’t work as i have already asset, i just need the placement in level.

But got answer from AnswerHUB, and this is what Tim wrote :

Hi Superxcm,

To my knowledge there isn’t a way to just move everything from one level into another. A way around this though is that you can have multiple levels visable at the same time. In a lot of the examples from the Marketplace this is being utilized.

Strategy Game and ShootGame are prime examples where different effects/assets are on different levels.

In Strategy Game for instance, There is a level that is just lighting, one for effects, one for meshes, etc.

If you go to Window > Levels > a window will pop up where you can add new and existing maps to be visible.

I hope this helps!


Works perfectly!

Glad that worked for you! I’m linking in the AnswerHub post for full coverage.

Let me know if you have any issues or run into any problems. I’ll gladly help! :slight_smile: